Calcium Acetate
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Calcium Acetate

Detailed introduction

Product Name

Calcium Acetate



Main Specification

ItemStandardAppearanceWhite Crystalline PowderAssay, %98.0~102.0pH(5%)6.0~8.0Sulfate, %≤0.1Loss on drying, %≤ 7.0Magnesium & alkali salt, %≤ 1.0Fluoride, ppm≤50Arsenic(as AS2O3), ppm≤2Heavy metals(as Pb), ppm≤25Bariumpassed test 




It is used in many aspects, such as organic synthetical esterifing agent, photographic chemicals, medicine, mordant in dyeing printing, buffers agents, chemical reagent, meats preservation, pigments, tanning, and so on. It can be used for preparing various of chemical products, such as furan acrylic acid, acetic acid esters and chloroacetic acid ,etc.. As the buffers agents of spices, the product can assuage unpleasant odor and prevent form discoloring, has a certain role of mould proof. It also can be used as acidiyty regulaters, like bechamel, pickle, mayonnaise, kamaboko, sausage, bread, sticky cake,etc.. If mixed with methylcellulose and phosphate, it can improve the storability of sausage, bread, sticky cake, etc..