Sodium dehydroacetate
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Sodium dehydroacetate

Detailed introduction

Product Name

Sodium dehydroacetate



Main Specification

ItemStandardAppearanceWhite or nearly white powderPurity98%- 100.5%Water8.5%- 10.0%Chloride (as Cl)≤ 0.011%Alkalinity (%)QualifiedLead (Pb)≤2 mg/kgArsenic (As)≤3 mg/kgMercury (Hg)≤1 mg/kgCadmium (Cd)≤1 mg/kgTotal heavy metals (as Pb)<10 mg/kg 




This product has a broad-spectrum antibiotic action, strong bacteriostatic capability. It has wide range for bacteriostasis and is not affected by pH values. Whatever under acidic, neutral and alkaline condition, it has good effect and strong inhibition capacity especially for mold, yeast and bacteria, and the concentration of effective working is low. And heat resistance and light resistance is good, It will not be decomposed and evaporated with steam during food produced. The testing proved that sodium dehydroacetate is almost nontoxic and safe. No abnormal flavor produce from the process of using in food, so it can prevent from rancidness, obviously extend the storage time.

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