Sodium Erythorbate
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Sodium Erythorbate

Detailed introduction

Product Name

Sodium Erythorbate



Main Specification

ITEMSTANDARDExteriorWhite,odorless,crystalline powder or granulesAssay98.0%-100.5%Specific Rotation+95.5°~+98.0°ClarityUp to standardPH5.5-8.0Heavy Metal(Pb)<0.001%Lead<0.0005%Arsenic<0.0003%OxalatcUp to standardIndentificationPassed testLoss on drying≤0.25% 




The Sodium Erythorbate is mainly used in foodstuff industry, used as the antioxidant of the food, broadly used in meat food, fish food, beer, fruit juice, syrup crystal, fruit and vegetable tin, cake, dairy produce, confiture, sherry, pickles, and grease etc. the dosage to the meat foods is 0.5~1.0g/kg. To the frozen fish, the fish should be infused in the 0.1%-0.8% water solution before freezing. The dosage in the beverage such as syrup is 0.01%~0.03%, apple and bechamel tin: 0.15g/kg (dosage of single or together with the VC), luncheon meat, cooked meat powder, cooked front leg pork, cooked ham, the dosage is 0.5g/kg (dosage of single or together with the VC and other sodium salt, counted the VC ), for the peach, apple jam: 2g/kg,for the fruit tin, it is 0.75-1.5g/l, for the nature syrup, it is 0.08-0.11g/l, for the beer, it is 0.03g/l (FAO/WHO(1977)).

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