Eco-friendly flame retardant can slow down materials burning rate
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Eco-friendly flame retardant can slow down materials burning rate

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The variety and consumption of environmentally friendly flame retardants in my country are mainly organic flame retardants, and the production and consumption of inorganic flame retardants are still relatively small. However, in recent years, the development momentum is good and the market potential is huge. There are strict regulations on drugs, but due to insufficient supervision, these regulations have not been implemented. This month, the market pays attention to flame retardants, which shows that the industry has a stronger awareness of using flame retardants. With the increasing pressure of environmental protection, new green flame retardants will become a hot spot in future research and development, and the downstream market demand continues to increase.

Environmentally friendly flame retardant is a kind of flame retardant. Nearly 80% of the flame retardants used for plastic modification in my country are halogen-containing flame retardants, among which polybrominated diphenyl ethers and polybrominated biphenyls are representatives. Brominated flame retardants have high efficiency, low consumption, little impact on material properties, and moderate prices .

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Environmentally friendly flame retardants exert their flame retardant effect through various mechanisms such as heat absorption effect, covering effect, chain reaction inhibition, and suffocation of non-flammable gases. Most environmentally friendly flame retardants achieve the purpose of flame retardancy through several mechanisms.

Environmentally friendly flame retardants can slow down the burning speed of materials, and once a fire breaks out, people can have more time to escape, so that firefighters can quickly extinguish the fire. In China, environmentally friendly flame retardants have become polymer material modification additives second only to plasticizers, but the use of environmentally friendly flame retardants has not been popularized in China. Compared with advanced countries, there is still a certain gap in output and variety structure .

Environmentally friendly flame retardant is the application of flame retardant technology in real life. It is a special chemical additive to improve the combustion performance of flammable materials. , Electronic appliances, transportation, aerospace, home furniture, interior decoration, food and clothing, housing and transportation and other fields have broad market prospects.

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