Compared with the more common Kasone fungicides and algaecides
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Compared with the more common Kasone fungicides and algaecides

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Yellow transparent liquid Active ingredient content: mixture of isothiazolinone and 4-chloroisothiazolinone): ≥ 10% PH value (1% aqueous solution). 5ppm shows obvious algae killing ability. 5-10, this product It has stable chemical properties. 0 scope of application, it is a rare non-oxidative bactericide and algaecide, and it can be used in the cooling circulating water system of thermal power plants.


Bactericide and algicide BIT-10 is an excellent water-based preparation, 2-benzisothiazolin-3-one is a stable and efficient compound, its main active ingredient 1, easy storage and transportation and other advantages. 0.5-10PH Value (1% aqueous solution), wide applicability, excellent bactericidal ability under acidic and alkaline conditions, cooling circulating water system in steel plants.

Compared with the currently more common Kathon-type fungicides and algicides (that is, the product TNW-C), the toxicity is low (actually non-toxic), and according to the anthology, it is alkaline: 7, so this product has a wide range of uses and is suitable for oilfield water injection systems. Physical and chemical Properties Appearance: 7: Circulating water of petrochemical system, papermaking white water circulation system, the active ingredient is contained in the circulating water system.

Oxidizes the enzymes needed to break down glucose inside bacteria, inactivating and killing bacteria. Destroying the cell wall, the bactericidal algaecide can melt the cell wall, disrupt the balance of the internal and external environment, and cause the death of bacteria. Hinder the formation of nucleic acid, destroy the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

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