The water saving effect of water treatment chemicals is very prominent
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The water saving effect of water treatment chemicals is very prominent

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The commonly used method of industrial water treatment chemicals is the antiscalant treatment method. Due to the particularity of mine water, the scaling inside the pipeline is an important factor affecting the working efficiency and service life of the system. In order to reduce pipeline pollution, a three-stage filtration process must be added. In order to solve the problem of pipeline scaling, scale inhibitors must be added. The selection and dosage should be determined through experiments.


In mine water treatment, antiscalants can reduce or even avoid the generation of scale, so as to make the water clearer and cleaner, which plays a very important role in water treatment, and can even be said to prevent water from being polluted. Therefore, the future work should focus on the three goals of performance, economy and environment. On the basis of further improving existing products and improving quality, mechanism research and compound research should be strengthened to reduce costs and reduce pollution.

After the cooling water is recycled, the water consumption is greatly saved. However, due to the continuous evaporation of the cooling water, the salts in the water are concentrated, and the contact between the cooling water and the atmosphere increases the content of dissolved oxygen and bacteria greatly, resulting in three serious problems of scaling, corrosion and bacteria and algae in the circulating cooling water. The exchange rate is greatly reduced, frequent maintenance, threats to normal production. For this reason, scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, bactericides and algaecides and their matching cleaning agents, pre-film agents, dispersants, defoamers, flocculants, etc. must be added to the cooling water. This set of technologies that add chemicals to prevent scaling, corrosion, and bacterial growth in circulating water is called chemical water treatment technology, which includes pretreatment, cleaning, pickling, pre-film, normal dosing, sterilization and other processes. The use of coagulants and flocculants in sewage treatment is also an important means of recycling sewage. Chemical water treatment technology is currently recognized as an effective means of industrial water saving at home and abroad. the

The water-saving effect of water treatment chemicals is very prominent. It can be said that we are very short of water resources, and the per capita water consumption is low, so we attach great importance to water conservation. Water treatment chemicals have made a contribution to my country's water-saving work Some contributed. Our enterprise should seize the opportunity and let the enterprise develop rapidly.

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