Some food additives can help the human body to supplement nutrients
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Some food additives can help the human body to supplement nutrients

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Some food additives are rich in nutrients and can help the human body to supplement nutrients. Examples include chlorophyll and beta-carotene for dyeing. Chlorophyll is rich in trace amounts of iron, which is a natural hematopoietic raw material. The vitamin C and inorganic salts contained in it are essential nutrients for the human body. In addition, chlorophyll can improve physical fitness, eliminate diseases and strengthen the body; and β-carotene can strengthen the immune system , Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cataracts.

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Such additives are extracted from natural substances and will not endanger human health and safety. While coloring food, they also provide certain nutrients for our human body.

The reason why food additives have a bad reputation is that in recent years there have been frequent reports of illegal use of additives that threaten human safety and health. Coupled with people's insufficient understanding of industrial raw materials such as additives, it is easy to have a fear of food additives. In fact, as long as food additives are used strictly in accordance with the national use regulations and requirements on food additives, there will be no food additives that endanger human health.

It is worth noting that some additives cannot be used as food additives. For example, the coloring agent Sudan Red No. 1 for industrial use will cause great harm to human safety, and there is a danger of causing cancer in human liver cells. It has been banned as a food additive by many countries. In addition, substances such as industrial formaldehyde, hanging white block, and sodium disulfite have also been banned by the state from being used as food additives.

Many people's understanding of the role of preservatives only stays in the fact that manufacturers want to facilitate the preservation of food and extend the shelf life of food to better save resources and cost. In fact, adding preservatives to food can also prevent or slow down the oxidation reaction of food, prevent food from deteriorating due to microbial activities, and prevent the formation of harmful oil oxides in food, avoiding food deterioration and endangering the safety of eaters. Therefore, the addition of preservatives is not only to ensure food quality, but also to protect human health and safety.

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