Principle requirements for bringing in food additives
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Principle requirements for bringing in food additives

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If food additives that are not allowed to be used are used in food ingredients, or the dosage does not comply with the usage regulations, then unqualified ingredients are used, which does not comply with the principle of bringing in. Another example is to add a sufficient amount of preservatives to the ingredients of the food in order to make the content of preservatives in the final food achieve the effect of preservation and prolong the shelf life, or to use the ingredients as preservative carriers into the final food, in these cases The purpose of using additives in ingredients is to play a functional role in the final food, which also does not comply with the principle of carry-over.

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The use of food additives in food must be strictly implemented in accordance with the regulations, but the principle of carry-in should be considered when inspecting and judging food additives in food, and a comprehensive judgment should be made in combination with the scope and amount of food additives allowed to be used for each ingredient in the ingredient list.

The principle of importing food additives requires that the following requirements must be met:

According to the regulations on the use of food additives, certain food additives are allowed to be used in food (raw) ingredients; 2. The amount of this additive in food ingredients should not exceed the allowed maximum usage amount; 3. These ingredients should be used under normal production process conditions , and the content of the additive in the food should not exceed the level brought in by the ingredients; 4. The content of the additive brought in by the ingredients in the food should be significantly lower than the level usually required for directly adding it to the food, and also It is to require that the food additives brought in from raw materials do not have regulatory functions in the final product.

The principle of carry-in is an important content in the principles of food additive use, and the principle of carry-in can only be applied if the above four conditions are met at the same time. For example: According to the current "Standards for the Use of Food Additives", benzoic acid is not allowed in the production of sauced meat, but it may be necessary to use soy sauce as an ingredient, and benzoic acid is allowed in soy sauce, and its maximum usage is 1.0g/kg. Therefore, in Under normal production process conditions, we can detect benzoic acid from soy sauce in sauced meat, but it should not exceed the amount brought into sauced beef by soy sauce.

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