Food additives effectively prolong the shelf life of meat products
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Food additives effectively prolong the shelf life of meat products

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Food additives refer to chemical compounds or natural substances that are approved by the state and added to food for antiseptic preservation, improvement of processing technology, etc. my country's "Hygienic Standards for the Use of Food Additives" divides them into more than 1,500 types in 22 categories such as preservatives, coagulants, quality improvers, flavor enhancers, and nutritional enhancers. When human food enters industrial production, except for a very small number of natural wild foods, almost nothing is free of additives. At present, nearly 97% of food uses various additives. It can be said that food additives have become an indispensable substance in the production of modern food industry.

Food additives

The effect of food additives on food preservation and preservation is very obvious. According to food safety requirements, the total number of bacteria per gram of food should not exceed 80,000. If no preservatives are used, even in a low temperature environment of 0-4, the total number of bacteria will exceed 100,000 per gram if the meat products are stored until the fifth day. Preservatives can curb the proliferation of Clostridium botulinum in meat products and effectively extend the shelf life of meat products.

(1) The purpose of using additives is to maintain and improve the quality of food, and shall not destroy or reduce the value of food.

(2) Additives shall not be used to cover up defects (deterioration and spoilage) of food, or to deceive consumers through shoddy production.

(3) The purpose of using additives is to reduce food consumption, improve storage conditions, and simplify processes, and good processing techniques and hygienic requirements cannot be lowered due to the use of additives.

(4) No food additives may be used in food for infants and children without the permission of the health department.

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